Top Content Management System Tools & Websites

Rule of thumb: Pick a CMS that excels at the features that you need the most. 

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A Content Management System (CMS)is a software framework designed to create, delete, and organize content on a website. CMS separates the job of a technical person who builds the site and a non-technical person who manages the content and maintains the site. It allows non-technical users to modify content easily without affecting the design and the website infrastructure. CMS usually includes lots of commonly used web features that are available out of box, which offers huge advantage over using html to build a website page by page from ground up.


Depending on your goal, technical expertise, and budget, some CMS works better than others. Wordpress works best for simple blogging site. Drupal works better for highly customized sites requiring scalability and complex content organization. Most CMS has developer and user communities where it’s easy to find free technical support. You can either directly search through their websites or via other online forums or even books. Paid support is also available from third-party sources. 

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Hightlight:Wordpress theme; Lots of marketing tips on the...


Pricing:$87 for Thesis Basic and $164 for Thesis Basic Plus that can be used on 1 domain. $197 for Thesis Professional that can be used for unlimited domains.