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Rule of thumb: Mock up prototypes first and refine your design before you build them.

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Many different types of software & tools are available on the market for web design and development. Based on the level of fidelity, these tools & software can be largely categorized into three categories: user experience & interaction design software, visual design software, and web development software. An iterative design process starts with sketches and wireframes, evolves into pixel perfect visual designs , and then into interactive prototypes and html web pages.


Starting your design with sketches and wireframes is extremely useful for large scale websites that have complicated user workflow. It allows you to think through the organization structure of your site and helps you organize your website content into meaningful information architecture. This way users will be able to find information easily on your site. Visual design software turns your wireframes and mockups into pixel perfect designs. The personality of your website is defined by visual design, including typeface and color, logo design, imagery and more. Last but not the least, development software turns the designs into browser readable web pages in the format of html files. Some tools allow you to draw mockup and make interactive prototypes all in one place.


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Hightlight:A Firefox add-on used by web developers to debug...

Downside:Only for firefox.