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Rule of Thumb: Choose a template platform that allows you to easily customize the template you choose.

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Instead of designing and developing web pages from scratch, you can use pre-built website templates and customize the pages to fit your needs. There are many benefits of using templates. For example, you don't have to worry about hosting services because majority website builder platforms offer monthly packages that cover hosting services. If you are not a web professional, it costs time and money to learn and master web development software and tools. If you can find suitable templates for your business, it’ll help you launch your website much faster.


Once you pick a template on a website builder platform, you’ll need to customize many areas to make it your own. Some changes such as textual update can be done on a WYSIWYG interface. Some other changes might require programming and coding skills. The key is to try out a few options and gain some hands-on experience with the options available.


Generally speaking, the more complicated your website is, the more effort it'll require in customizing templates. If you find yourself wasting a large amount of time trying to fix little things to meet your needs, it might be time to consider investigating building your website from scratch.

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Hightlight:Easy to get started. Good for beginners....

Downside:Functions and features might be limited. Email...

Pricing:Free; Basic($4.17/mo); Professional($8.33/mo); Unlimited($16.66/mo).

Average: 4 (1 vote)

Hightlight:Drag and drop website builder. Good for beginner...

Downside:Because of the amount of options available, the...

Pricing:Free; Starter($3.75/mo); Enhanced ($7.50/mo); Pro($16.67/mo).

Average: 3 (1 vote)

Hightlight:Powerful website editor with lots of features....

Downside:Relatively more expensive compared with other...

Pricing:Free; Simple($14/mo); Business ($29/mo); Advanced ($49/mo).

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Hightlight:Very user friendly and powerful drag and drop...

Downside:Quality of support can be improved.

Pricing:Free; starter($4/mo); pro($8/mo).

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Hightlight:Simple and powerful website builder with room for...

Downside:Might have hidden fees.

Pricing:Free; Pro($4.89/mo); Pro Plus ($7.16/mo).