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Rule of thumb: Winning testing ideas come from truly understanding your users.

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Many times you won’t know for sure whether your best idea works or not until you launch it. A/B testing or split testing is a perfect solution to help you test your next best idea without risking your business. The concept is simple: instead of driving all of your traffic to your exsiting page, devide your traffic into half. Half of the traffic goes to the existing version and the other half goes to the testing variation. You can then compare the performance of the two versions based on KPIs, whether it being conversion rate, click through rate or any other measurement you define beforehand. Together with traffic driving techniques such as PPC, you can quickly test out ideas with large traffic volume in a short period of time. The list below offers a good selection of different tools and platforms to help you get started with your own A/B testing program.


A/B testing usually focuses on one single difference between the control version and the testing version in order to pinpoint the cause of performance difference. MVT allows you test combinations of multiple variations at the same time. MVT requires a lot more traffic than A/B testing in order to reach results significance. Text copy, page images and background colors are good areas for testing because you can easily create testing variations without using any technical resources. To gain substantial conversion lift, sometimes it requires more dramatic changes instead of incremental changes. You need to learn from your users by utilizing multiple methods, such as analytics, usability testing, survey & user feedback questionnaire. Winning testing ideas always come from knowing what your users want.

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Hightlight:WYSIWYG test editor allows you to modify your...

Downside:Functions are fairly simple.

Pricing:Entrepreneur ($15/mo); Small Business ($50/mo); SMB ($5/mo); Large Business ($250/mo)

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Hightlight:Good A/B testing solution for medium sized...

Downside:Might have a learning curve to take advantage of...

Pricing:Free ($0/mo); Small Business ($49/mo); Small Agency ($129/mo); custom quote for Enterprise.

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Hightlight:Recommended for landing page testing. Browser-...

Downside:No traffic segmentation feature. Not ideal for...

Pricing:New business & Entrepreneurs ($49/mo); Consultants & small businesses ($99/mo); Agencies & marketing teams ($199/mo). 30-day free trial.