Top Customer Feedback Tools & Websites

Rule of thumb: Customer feedback is worthless if only collected but not listened to.

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How to effectively collect and leverage customer feedback? You can either actively solicit feedback in the format of survey, questionnaire, or popup box questions while the visitors are visiting your website. Or you can foster a customer community where your customers use it as a destination place for sharing their feedback and suggestions. Depending on your specific needs, you can select from suitable tools from the list below to help you achieve your goal. Most of them can be easily integrated with your website and help you launch your own customer feedback channel instantly without any technical resource. Some tools offer powerful visualization features that can help you understand the data collected and truly listen to the customers.


Your customers are the people who regularly use your products or services. Their firsthand input and suggestions can help you make better business decisions and lead to better business relationships and stronger customer retention. From a more practical perspective, customer feedback can give you tips and insights to help you improve your conversion rates. The real challenge of a customer feedback program is not the “collecting” part, but the “utilization” part. Lots of companies find themselves buried in mountains of customer feedback data, without knowing how to respond to them or leveraging them for business results. The key is to have a purpose in mind and set clear timeline. You need to set success measurement beforehand, and establish a healthy customer feedback ecosystem within your company. The customer feedback tools are here to help you achieve your goals - they are not the goal themselves. 

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Hightlight:It's a forum software that allows you create...

Downside:Relatively pricy for small businesses. Might...

Pricing:Small Business Edition ($450/mo); Community Edition ($850/mo); Customized quote for the unlimited edition.

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Hightlight:It allows you to create a branded survey that...

Downside:The tab is usually not very noticeable for users...

Pricing:$19/mo. 15-day free trial.

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Hightlight:The feedback form is integrated with the sales...

Downside:Relatively pricy for small businesses. Require...

Pricing:Three plans for small and medium sized businesses. Bronze ($249/mo); Silver ($499/mo); Gold ($999/mo). Custom quote for enterprise users.

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Hightlight:It allows you to ask simple questions via a quick...

Downside:The form usually only contains a few questions....

Pricing:Small Business Insights ($47/mo); Professional Insights ($199/mo); custom quote for Enterprise Insights.

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Hightlight:It's a Voice of Customer (VOC) solution. A...


Pricing:Custom quote.