Top Mouse Tracking Tools & Websites

Rule of thumb: Mouse tracking recordings give you more in-depth view of your visitors' user behavior on the website.

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Analytics can tell you a lot about your web visitors. You can see the traffic sources where your customers come from. Advanced reports allow you  to calculate click through rates and conversion rates. However regular analytics tools such as Google Analytics cannot tell you how individual visitors are interacting with your website.  Mouse tracking and heat map tools fill the gap and can be of great value in helping you understand what’s working and what’s not on your website. These mouse tracking tools record and playback the interactions of your website’s users. Without doing any user testing, the mouse tracking recordings enable you to understand user behavior both in individual level and in aggregated level, qualitatively and quantitatively. The click heatmap will give you quick impressions of what links attract attention in a glimpse. The scroll map tells you if your users go beyond the fold line.


Besides mouse tracking and heat maps, there is another group of analytics software that  focuses on individual user behavior data on your website. It ties the user behavior you observe to the exact customer info, such as name, location and anything else, depending on what's available in your customer database. This way you know exactly who is doing what on your website.


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Hightlight:It's an advanced screen recording tool that...

Downside:The screen recording in the playback might not be...

Pricing:Free ($0); Premium plan pricing is custom quote.

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Hightlight:It focuses on individual interaction on the site...

Downside:Can be relatively more expensive.

Pricing:Starter ($150/mo); Basic ($250/mo); Professional ($500/mo). 14-day free trial.

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Hightlight:Crazy Egg generates a heatmap based on where the...

Downside:No instant report - a waiting period is needed in...

Pricing:Basic ($9/mo); Standard ($19/mo); Plus ($49/mo); Pro ($99/mo). 30-day free trial.

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Hightlight:Similar to Clicktale, it offers live mouse...

Downside:No form analysis or conversion analytics. Limited...

Pricing:Small ($19/mo); Medium ($79/mo); Large ($149/mo); Extra Large ($399/mo).

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Hightlight:Simiar to Clicktale, it's a website heatmap...

Downside:No form analysis or conversion analytics.

Pricing:Lite ($29/mo); Premium ($79/mo); Professional ($149/mo); Enterprise ($499/mo). Custom quote for advanced needs. Free 14-day free trial.