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Rule of thumb: User testings tell you WHY things do or don’t work.

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Formal user/usability testing involves three people/parties: the user/tester, the moderator, and the observer. Testing is conduct by following a pre-designed testing protocol. Video recordings are necessary to capture the testing process for later analysis. To get started with conducting usability testings, first you need to have a good understanding of who your main target audience is and what you expect them to interact with on your website. Then think about 2-3 main representative tasks you’d like the visitors to successfully accomplish on your site.  After that you need to recruit a certain number of participants who match your audience profile. You can either invite your participants to your office for face to face usability testings or conduct remote testings using remote testing tools. A large scale usability testing project requires detailed planning in order to make sure testing guide development, participants recruiting and scheduling are done appropriately.

Usability testings can be done in different setup and formats. Informal testings can be simple conversations between you and your potential customer. Friends and family are perfect for that purpose. By observing how other people use your website and asking questions about why they do certain things can give your great insights on why things don’t work the way as you expect. Conducting frequent and small scale usability testings is a good way to collect quick user feedback for your website or mobile app.  

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