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Rule of thumb: Make sure your ads and your landing pages are directly tied to the keywords you are bidding.

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Unlike the organic traffic driven by SEO, Pay Per Click (PPC) drives paid traffic to your website. It’s a fast way to instantly boost visits to your website, however you’ll need to pay for every single click that you drive. The price for each click varies, depending on various factors: the keywords you are bidding, the price your competitors are paying for, the quality of your landing pages, and etc.


Once you launch your PPC ads in search engines, your ads will be displayed to visitors who are using relevant keywords to search on search engines. If your ads are relevant, visitor will click on the ads and land on your website or landing page. If a visitor clicks on the ads and lands on your page, then realizes what you are offering is not interesting to him, you are wasting your money on that click. What you need to do is to make sure that you have done your research and bid on the keywords that are directly tie to the products and services you are marketing for. Be sure to check the messaging consistency between your ads and your landing pages. Make sure your keywords and campaigns are categorized so that one landing page is tied to one ad group. Building targeted landing pages that have clear conversion goals will help you measure the performance of your PPC campaigns.


PPC/SEM Is good for your business because paid campaigns usually yield results very fast, with clearly measured return on investment in your managing dashboard. Managing PPC campaigns is not an easy task, especially if you are bidding on a large number of keywords and running multiple campaigns in parallel.  Keeping tracking of your performance, such as click through rate, cost per acquisition, is extremely important. The list below offers you products and tools to help you launch and manage your PPC campaign, and watch your paid traffic performance.

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