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Rule of thumb: Try before you buy.

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Keeping track of your customers – and potential customers- is a must in maintaining a healthy sales pipeline. The very basic function of a CRM system is to help you centralise and formalise the contact details for all leads. This way all members of your sales team are aware of who owns which leads. Your team can quickly and easily schedule follow up calls, meetings or proposal  without interfering with one another. Other functions of a CRM system include call logs and call notes tracking, managing customer contacts across multiple channels (phone, fax, mail, email, IM or face to face). More advanced features of a CRM software allow you to work out who the high value customers are and their buying habits. From a macro perspective, CRM system can help you determine trends in customer behaviour and help you manage product development and enhancement, customer service and experience improvement.


No matter how small or big your business is, CRM system alone can not help you close a deal. First you need to have a sound business strategy in place and then adapt a CRM system into your business strategy/plan. Do not change your strategy and objectives to fit with your CRM system. A CRM solution should be flexible enough to work with your goals and objectives. If it's not, it's time to consider a different solution. Rule of thumb? Try before you buy. Don't commit to any software until you have "played" around with it. Most vendors offer a 30 day free trial. CRM in most cases is a big investment and can have big consequences to your business. Have a clear image of where your sales team currently is and where you want them to be in 5 years. Choose a CRM software with growth in mind.

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Hightlight:Batchbook targets at small and medium sized...

Downside:Areas to improve include more extensive reports;...

Pricing:Small ($20/mo) for unlitmited users. Medium ($50/mo) for unlitmited users. Large ($100/mo) for unlimited users.

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Hightlight:Recommended if you already use Basecamp and like...

Downside:Limited Google Apps integration. Simplicity comes...

Pricing:Highrise’s cloud based pricing ranges from $24/month for 6 users to $99/month for 40 users.

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Hightlight:Very easy to use for beginners. Recommended for...

Downside:It doesn't have as many integrations and...

Pricing:Solo ($15/mo); Growing ($30/mo); Team ($90/mo). 30-day free trial.

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Hightlight:The interface is simple and easy to use. Data is...


Pricing:Starter ($15/mo per user); Professional ($45/mo per user); Enterprise ($25/mo per user).

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Hightlight:Highly recommended for small businesses and...

Downside:The UI looks dated and plain.

Pricing:Team plan ($195/mo) for up to 3 users. Foundations plan ($395/mo) for up to 3 users. Platform plan ($595/mo) for up to 3 users.